Colleen can find tons of fun wherever she goes, even in her own backyard. For as long as we can remember, Colleen wanted a swing set of her own but we never had a yard big enough. When we moved to our current home, with its football field sized backyard, a swing set was all she could talk about. My brother Dan (aka Uncle Santa) found one available if he would come and dismantle it and move it. He loaded up his big old truck and went and got it. One Saturday afternoon, Colleen's uncles Dan, Ryan and Scott and cousin Mark all converged on our backyard and Colleen soon had a swing set all her own. She was thrilled. She's since added other fun equipment and games like a mini trampoline, numerous balls, a Monster tetherball set, croquet and bocce sets and even horseshoes and a hula hoop.

When you're in the area, drop in and visit and join Colleen in her backyard adventures. In the meantime, enjoy the photos below.

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The Swingset
As you can see, Colleen has no fear of swinging high.
Our Beautiful Mimosa Tree in Full Bloom
We've not seen a bigger or more beautiful mimosa tree anywhere in Kansas City.
Our New Raspberry Bushes
You can see the watering system Pat rigged up for the raspberry bushes.
He says it belongs on
Someday . . . , but I think we have
a long wait.
Scenes From Our Yard
The front of the house Our birdbath Colleen and the red maple out front
Her first swing at this house was in this tree. A small remnant still remains. Colleen and our big van. She named
her Vanessa.
HORK! Pat's dream destination Where's Waldo?
The sparrows built a nest in our bird feeder.
The Mini-Trampoline
The Hula Hoop
She tried . . . and tried . . . and tried . . .
and tried . . . and tried . . . SUCCESS!!!!
Monster Tetherball
Take careful aim Keep your eye on the target Ringer!!!
The Rowing Machine and Teeter-Totter