Every Sunday afternoon, since October 2010, Dottie, Pat and Colleen join a group of online friends and together they write a story. Because this group of friends first met while sharing time viewing the barn owls, Molly and McGee, the stories usually center around owls and other woodland creatures.


It's all mostly an exercise in silliness, but even so, there are often some life lessons to be learned from the stories.


Each week there are anywhere between eight and fifteen writers. Dottie chooses the title and writes the opening paragraphs. Then each writer, in turn, adds to the story, a few paragraphs at a time. After each writer has taken a couple of turns, Dottie then steps in again and attempts to draw all the parts of the story together, tie up any loose ends, and find a conclusion. (Some weeks it's easier than others.)


Besides being a great creative outlet, it's also a time to share some fun and laughter with our friends, without having to even leave the house. It's a time we wouldn't miss for the world. Somehow, the week just doesn't go as well without Storytime to start it off.


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