Tower Homes Association Picnic



In 2004, the Tower Homes Association in Kansas City threw a big picnic for the neighborhood. Everyone from our church was invited. They had clowns and balloons and face painters and food and music and dogs and little kids and just about everything else that makes a picnic fun.

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The famous Waldo Water Tower - a registered historic landmark The two clowns who painted faces and entertained the crowd. One is named Lulubell. We can't remember the name of the other. The clowns also made animals, hats and big flowers out of balloons. Steve and Mike seem to have the same taste in hats. Are they horns or antennae?
The Band
Lots of things to entertain Colleen and Daddy
Listening to the band A beautiful baby girl
Little kids everywhere you looked and even the dogs seemed to be having fun.
Extraordinarily detailed face painting