I think all baby boomers knew of at least one farm like this. The house may need lots of repair, the paint may be peeling, there may be no indoor plumbing, but the tractor and animals are immaculate!

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A nice overview shot of the entire farm The farm house - not really in the best shape. Dad's priorities seem to be elsewhere. The entrance to the house. Momma tries to make it nice, but it needs paint. The upper story balcony with Grandma Here's Ruff. I think he's checking his messages on that porch post.
One of the young girls, taking it easy for a while. I hope the railing is stronger than it looks. Oh my! I hope the lid is on that garbage can good and tight. That goat could make a real mess. Big sis is busy planting flowers in the barrels. A shot of the interior Another look at the interior and furnishings
This is girls' room. I don't know how they fit them all in there. Another view of the upper story The roof lifts off for a view of the attic. Looks like Dad needs to do a few repairs up here, too. Little sis and her teddy - they're inseparable.
Another sister is hanging out the laundry
The storm cellar I sure hope they don't have a tornado. Those doors don't look very substantial. See?! No indoor plumbing! - But, at least they have His and Hers outhouses! Another view of the outhouses. Those doors would normally be closed. I'm a little concerned about that girl's shoes on a farm. They're gonna get messed up quickly! Oh my!! Looks like he couldn't wait for the outhouse to be empty.
I don't think he knew anyone could see him. I sure hope that fence isn't electric!! The pig pen Momma's feeding the chickens, geese and ducks. The poultry yard Another shot of that kitty atop the henhouse. I wonder if he's ever actually tangled with a mad hen?
I hunted and hunted for a weather vane. I finally found this one as part of a kit from ScaleLink. The roof of the barn opens to see the interior. The tractor - dad takes really good care of it, doesn't he? My daughter named this horse Joff, after her cousin. I couldn't find an old push mower anywhere, so I made this one.
I was pretty proud of how it turned out. The kids are getting pretty good at riding. Look ma!! No hands! Whee!!! Be careful where you step. Aww! How sweet. A new calf and his momma. (But it does look like they need a pooper scooper, doesn't it?)
  Playing in the hay Looks like the dog would enjoy playing up there, too. Some people have to keep on working, even while the kids play.