I had an empty antacid bottle and kept looking at it, thinking to myself, "That would be the perfect container for a mini scene . . . but what?"  I finally decided that an old-fashioned, greasy spoon diner would fit perfectly with a bottle of antacids. Especially one that claims to serve the "Hottest Chili in Town!"

At the time I was thinking all of this, I was also looking for old watches to take apart to obtain all the wonderful little wheels, gears, and other fun shapes to be found within. A dear friend from church had just lost her sister, Twila. One day, she brought me a watch. She said that Twila had many watches and that she wanted to give me one for my miniatures. After I opened it up and started pulling out parts, I found one wheel that was absolutely perfect for the diner. It looked just like one of those little spinning wheels that the waitresses use to post orders for the cooks. It seemed only right that the diner be named after Twila.

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I dont' know why, but the shape of this bottle just appealed to me. I knew I could make some kind of scene in it. Hmmmm? What kind of scene fits an antacid bottle? That's it!! Of course, a greasy spoon -  hot chili kind of diner would be perfect for this container. A stained glass Coca-Cola lamp helps to light up the scene.
Lots of customers and a jukebox, too! This is a popular place. They stay busy all the time. People from all walks of life can be seen dining at Twila's.   Looks like a busy city street outside that window. 
Black and white tiled floor and red checkered tablecloths. Not much has changed here in years. I still remember sitting in vinyl booths next to  Daddy and sticking to the vinyl. The apartment upstairs is rented by a young single lady.  Getting ready to go out on the town with her friend. Primping in front of the mirror. 
I look good!  Brother needed a place to crash for the night.  Another view of the city street scene out the window.  Looks like a park outside this window.  You two have a nice time. I'll just stay here and sleep.