Welcome to my little church. I've tried to represent a small, country church - small, but active and vital and a very important part of the community.

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Welcome to the Creekside Community Church
Our doors are always open! We've got plenty of activities going on. Our pastor is Rev. Johnathan Calvin. Take a look at the lovely stained glass shining from within.
You can see where the church got it's name - a nice little creek out back. Oh MY!!! This fella skipped church to go fishing! Well, it doesn't look like he's caught anything yet. A nice little bridge spanning the creek Cattails and weeds growing beside the bridge
More cattails and weeds Like most country churches, there's an old cemetery next door.
The men in the choir love to sing and worship! Our prayer garden in back. A nice place to meditate and pray. The worshippers A switch mounted on the front of the frame controls all of the lights.
  Our church bus Sunflowers growing beside the fence.