In August, 2012, we spent a week visiting with Pat's sister, Martha (AKA Tia, Sewla, Meemaw and Marfa). While we were there Colleen saw a musical play, attended Temple and church with Martha (she's the Musical Director for both the Temple and the Lutheran church), attended the town fair and saw a parade. She also swam at Meemaw Beach (the pool in her backyard), had a pedicure, played with her cousins, shopped, cooked and ate. Pat and Martha's sis-in-law, Colleen (AKA Big Weenie - as opposed to Colleen who's often known to the family as Lil' Weenie) came for the weekend and joined in the fun.

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Colleen and Aunt Martha, ready for Temple   Aunt Martha, Colleen and Aunt Colleen   Colleen and Aunt Martha at the parade
Mom, Dad, Colleen and Aunt Colleen   Daddy   Mom, Dad, Colleen and Aunt Martha
Sullivan (AKA Sully) Canyon
Karlye and her mom, Shawnda (Cousin Kik's wife) Canyon's Mom, Sandy (Cousin Joff's wife)



Every time Colleen and Aunt Martha get together, they go for a fun day out that always includes a pedicure. The ladies at Martha's salon ask about Colleen every time Martha goes in. Colleen always picks a special color or design for her nails. It might be purple with white flowers or pink with polka-dots. This year, she asked for multi-colored sneakers. Martha elected to stay with one color, but the same design.










Shouldn't this be a shriner's car? Youngest candidate ever!




Loaded up and ready to go in our new, silver van that Colleen named Sylvia.