In 2003, when the Great Wolf Lodge first opened in the Kansas City area, our friend Helen gave us a gift of a weekend at the lodge to celebrate Colleen's 16th birthday. We had a blast! The room was awesome, the food was terrific, the water park was great fun and the service was some of the best we've ever received - anywhere.

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From the minute we entered the lobby, we could tell this was gonna be a fun place. 
A family of migrating elk high up on one wall.  A very ornate, animated clock in the lobby  The storytellers chair around which children gather to hear stories  An indoor log cabin is the check-in area  There were lots of trees inside the lodge. This one had a neat tree house in it. 
Everywhere we looked, there were wild animals. I think most of them were not alive. 
If that little bear wakes up, I don't think the fence will hold him.  Daddy spotted this opossum hanging from one of the trees  A chandelier made of antlers and wolves climbing on the rock wall  Of course, since it's called the Great Wolf Lodge, there should be lots of wolves around, right?  This bear stood in the corner of one of the hallway. 
The furnishings and  decor were awesome! They had a great arcade. 
The hallway to our room  This metal sculpture hung on the wall in our room.  Even the lamp was a sculpture.  This "painting" was made of birch bark and other woods.  A neon air hockey table. Even the carpet glowed under black light.  Colleen loved the skee-ball game. 
Of course, Pat and Colleen loved the swimming. 
They spent most of their time in the warm, bubbly pool.  The had a zero-depth entry area for the little ones.  Basketball games from the water  A big snake to "ride." Even though it wasn't real, Daddy still didn't like it much. 
Colleen loved watching the big bucket fill, dump and fill again. Kids loved to stand under it and let the water pour down on them.
The bucket and totem pole  The bucket's about full and ready to spill  And there it goes!  That's a LOT of water pouring down on folks.  The bucket's up and ready to fill again while the water's still pouring down.  Back upright and filling again, to repeat the cycle again and again. 
Colleen didn't want to leave. She made me take pictures as we left. 
  The exterior of the lodge, as we drove away.