One very exciting day, Johnny Rowlands paid a visit to Colleen's classroom at school. This was particularly exciting for her because she had long had a crush (or a severe case of hero worship) on Johnny.

He flew in and landed his helicopter on the ball field and then he talked to the class about severe weather and weather safety. He answered the questions, which wasn't all that easy because this group could come up with questions that no one else would ever think of asking. They collected his autograph and got their picture taken with him and the helicopter. He then climbed in the chopper and flew away again.

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I can understand her crush on him. He is pretty easy on the eyes! Approaching the school A little closer Close enough to read the station logo
Touching down on the ball field Shutting down the engines Johnny talking to the students
Talking to the students and signing autographs The control panel Johnny and the class
Ready to take off Starting the engines Liftoff Airborne
Soon just a speck in the sky