It all began in 1986. (You'll read about the years prior to that on our individual pages.)


Dottie was bored on a Friday night and didn't feel like going home to an empty apartment. Crown Center was offering free "oldies" concerts every Friday night throughout the summer. That night (June 20, two days after her birthday), the performers were The Kingston Trio. After work, she headed to Crown Center, found a seat under the pavilion, and, having a couple of hours to wait before the concert started, she pulled out a book to read. Having completed the novel she had in her purse, she fished around in the depths of her purse for another book. (Doesn't everyone always carry two or three books at all times?) All she could find was a book of risqué jokes that a friend had given her. Desperate for something to read, she opened it and began reading.

After only a few pages, she realized that someone was reading over her shoulder and chuckling. She turned and saw a cute guy enjoying the jokes along with her. She shared a few more jokes with him and then they began to talk. His name was Pat and he worked at Crown Center. He, too, had been bored and had not wanted to go home to an empty apartment. They realized they had MUCH in common and both were really enjoying getting acquainted.

 Then the music started. As they rocked and sang along with all the familiar songs, something clicked. Pat asked Dottie for a date, she accepted. In less than a month they were engaged and they were married a little less than 6 months later, on December 14, Pat's 31st birthday.

Colleen arrived prematurely, nine months and nine days later, on September 23 and made the family complete. (Pat and Dottie had planned on six children - even had all the names picked out, but it was not meant to be.)

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